Transform your
english skills at
your own pace.

"Susan is a joy to serve alongside"

"Susan has a wealth of skills and
qualities making her an
exemplary instructor."

-Lisa Shanti Chaudhari

Experience and Results

Learn English Your Way is all about working with you personally to create the best learning experience for you while meeting your goals. I have taught students from over 18 different countries at local adult learning centers and as a volunteer in churches. I have been able to create an environment where my students feel comfortable and have successfully moved up one to two levels in their test taking.

Teaching for Specific Purposes

I will teach English for specific purposes meeting your needs at work, living in your community or completing your classwork in college. Teaching English for specific purposes will allow me to custom build your curriculum for your workplace, home or school.

Individual Instruction

I believe you can succeed in learning English. The truth is that there are few choices of schools where you can learn English in our area. The classrooms where you can learn English have 10-20 students. Usually these classrooms consist of 2-3 levels of students’ abilities. In these classrooms you can become frustrated, while you may be ready to move on or you need more time to learn. I can provide you with one-on-one teaching while you take on the challenge of learning a new language.

Relaxed and Focused

I am a firm believer in creating a relaxed environment for you as you take on this new skill. I will help you to focus on your goals for wanting to learn English. Over time I have seen that adult ESL students really want to improve their speaking or pronunciation skills. I will take time with you to help you find your own rhythm in the English language.

Tailored to Your Schedule

I understand that you have very busy schedules, working full-time jobs and sometimes raising a family all while trying to take on the task of learning a new language. I would be able to work with you according to your schedule, close by your workplace, at your school or at your home.

Becoming a Part of Your Community

My vision is to help you as an immigrant or a student to become a part of your community. At your workplace, in your neighborhood, at your children’s school or at your own school. I have seen that my students become more at ease once they find their own place in their community.